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Eat Cake!

Eat Cake!

So, it’s official. Eating is one of the things I do best – yup, eating my own words is on the menu, too! Just to showcase my perpetual stage of denial, here are two major lies I’ve told my friends (and myself): 1. I’m not really fond of chocolate, but it’s okay. – Open my … Continue reading

I’m delicious and I know it!

I'm So Delicious!

You most certainly are, my dear Cupcake!

I can’t help myself. I just had to share this. I just stumbled upon this image in one of my many Google Images hits. Sometimes you just have to shout it out to the world – I’m SOOO delicious! They won’t dare say otherwise. Haha

Think positive. Just like the cupcake over there. 😀

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