Eat Cake!

So, it’s official. Eating is one of the things I do best – yup, eating my own words is on the menu, too!

Just to showcase my perpetual stage of denial, here are two major lies I’ve told my friends (and myself):

1. I’m not really fond of chocolate, but it’s okay.

– Open my refrigerator and what’s inside? Chocolate! Lots them. I’ve been stuffing those little devils in my mouth all this time. And I just realized it like.. now?

2. I love to cook, love to bake. But I’m not really fond of eating cakes. They’re too sweet and fancy for me.

– Looking at myself in the mirror, I realized another thing: I grew! Alright, Β hands up. I surrender. I grew sideways. Sheesh. What have I been eating of late?! Oh right. Chocolates. Cakes. Tarts. Pies. Floats.

So, I’ve finally come to terms with it. Hugged my denials and accepted that I’ve been in love with them all along. And just to prove my point, I’m going to share with you part of the reason why I have been away from society and the online community.

April for me was the busiest month yet. On top of the cupcake and cake orders I got, it also was my little sister’s birthday month! I have three siblings but I mostly grew up with my younger sister (our youngest) since my elder sister and brother were mostly away either due to school or work. I wanted to make Marta’s (yes, that’s my little sister’s name) birthday special. So, I planned on making a doll cake for her. It would be my second fondant attempt. Hah. Talk about being ambitious and all that.

For reasons beyond me, there were more orders on my sister’s birthday week than on any week of the month. Imagine that. It’s like there all ganging up on me, trying to make things crazier that it already is. But still, praise God for the orders. I can’t turn them down, that would be insane. And my level of crazy is just isn’t there yet. Β :-p

I barely managed to make it on time! I wanted to add more details to the cake but… oh well. Here it is!


The cake had two layers: one was coffee and the other was vanilla. Frosted it with swiss meringue buttercream and covered it with fondant. The cake pops were vanilla with choco chips. I also made lemon tart, chocolate fudge cupcakes and caramel custard. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the custard and tart though. Happy birthday to my “little” sister! She told me it was the best cake she had so far. She was pretty much happy with her dessert ensemble. Phew. *tap and congratulate self right here* Haha!

As I’ve mentioned, I love to bake. But the best part in making cakes or cupcakes is when you’re decorating them. I love pretty things, love to make things pretty, love to look and feel pretty, get and give things that are so pleasing to the eyes. Pretty things make me happy. Seriously. πŸ™‚ The biggest obstacle though is this FACT (take note of the bold, capitalized, italicized and underlined FACT): I am NOT an artist. I never have been and I’ve accepted the probability that I never will be. BUT that doesn’t stop me from trying and doing my very best to make things.. uhhh… presentable. Hahaha πŸ™‚ I can honestly say though that I’ve been doing a little better each time. Baby steps, people, baby steps! :-p

I wont be posting pictures of the cupcakes I’ve made but here are some photos of the cakes I made the past few weeks. πŸ™‚


Coffee cake with coffee cream filling, frosted with buttercream. I like the girl. She’s cute, don’t you think? πŸ™‚

The next cake was a bit cumbersome to make. It was a 20 something x 16 inch cake. It was coffee cake and vanilla cake with caramel filling in between. Get the pattern here? People seem to be addicted with coffee. I’m not one to complain. Coffee is like water. Just can’t live without it. :-p Uhm. I’m stalling. Hahaha Okay, head’s up: ugly lettering coming your way. I need to work on that one too. Haha


Last but definitely not the least is my favorite cake of them all. I really love the ruffled look of this cake! I keep seeing photos of ruffled cakes but was ever so afraid to try them. Now, I’m sure glad that I did. I would even look more beautiful if the cake was a bit… taller. Next time perhaps. πŸ™‚ Here it is:


Moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and almonds. πŸ™‚

So, there you have it. I’ve been cooking, baking, caking the time away. πŸ™‚ Hopefully the next cakes I’ll be doing will look fancier and a gazillion times stunning-er! Doesn’t hurt to dream. Haha

Ahh. Life is sweet. Until next time. πŸ™‚


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