With Much Love.

One of my favorite aunts in the world is my Tita Belle. She’s always sweet,  loving, warmhearted and fun. Back when I was little, I’d always get excited whenever we’d go visit Tita Belle – excited to see her, of course, but also excited to try her overly delicious banana cream pie! I’ve associated BCPs with Tita Belle ever since. 😀

Today, my beautiful Tita Belle celebrated her 57th birthday. I know that she’s really happy. Her all-time dream of having her own dairy farm has finally come true late last year. And I really must say her dairies’ milk is sooo yummy. And for some unknown reason, I like to drink the milk cold and raw.  Somehow, I find it sweeter than when we’ve pasteurized the milk. Do you want to try some raw milk? I’ll give you a free glass! With Oreos! 😀


Here's my Tita Belle with one of her dairy calves. Notice the heart on the calf's forehead? Cutie! 🙂

Anyway, I wanted to do something really special for my Tita Belle. I never tried this before but as they say, “If there’s a will, there’s a way!” And you can bet that I’m going to WILL myself through this! haha 😀

Here goes nothing. Here’s the idea, my concept of how the cake should look like.

Concept Art. I'm such an artist. LOL

Step One: Make Modeling Paste for the Cow.

I wasn’t able to take any photos while I was making it. I was hell-bent on getting the task done. It was, after all, my very first attempt. After letting the paste mature overnight, I started molding the cow. Looks okay to me. What do you think? Not bad for a first timer, right? RIGHT?! haha

Meet Moo! 🙂

Step Two: Make 2D Decos 

This was my second time making such cuties. The first was the dolphin topper I made. This one has more details, more colors. It’s really quite a time-consuming task since I have to be extra careful with my piping, how thin or thick the icing is. It breaks easily too! My goodness is thing so delicate. But it’s really worth the effort. Look at the cowgirl. I really find the cowgirl cute! LOVE IT! 😀

Step Three: Bake the Cake

So, it was Saturday and I was already baking the surprise birthday cake for Tita Belle. Then… my phone rang and it was none other than Tita Belle. And guess what? She said she was on her way to bring us some fresh milk. Well, instead of surprising her, I was the one who got surprised. She saw everything the moment she stepped in the kitchen – the modeled cow, the 2D cowgirl and cows. hahahaha She was so delighted to see them. My only consolation is that she is YET to see the finished product and I’m going to make sure it’s going to be legendary! Oh my. Let’s see how far my WILL power can take me. Hahaha

The cake I made has three layers of coffee cake and it also has a chocolate ganache filling in between. I really think coffee and chocolate were meant to be together.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. 😦

Step Four: FROST IT!

This is probably my favorite part: frosting! I love, love, love frosting! Both the verb and the noun. 😀 So I made some meringue buttercream, divided and then colored them. And I started frosting and sticking the decos I made.

FINALLY! IT IS FINISHED! My sweet “surprise” to my sweet Tita Belle. 🙂

Ta-daaah! 😀

360 view 🙂

My sister (red shirt) and I went to the countryside :)

My sister (red shirt) and I went to the countryside 🙂

Thank you, Will Power! Happy birthday, Tita Belle! 😀