The Story Behind The Name.

Nobody ever told me that the hardest part in starting up a business is finding the perfect name! How crazy is that? At first, I was trying to find something that would sound pleasant to the ear: the confectionery, monster bites, pastry lane, little miss baker. But none of them holds any special meaning to me. I listed down random things I love: movies, colors, names of significant people, etc. Still nothing hit me. No eureka or light bulb moment. Nada. Finally giving up, I opened my Disney planner and scanned through the dates and their corresponding to dos and then… I found it. There written under March 18th was “Basil of Baker Street.” Basil’s a character from the cartoon “The Great Detective.” It was released on the year I was born: 1986. I felt like Watson as I exclaimed, “Holmes!” and I was giggling with delight as it was actually my first EUREKA! moment. I went back to my list and went through them again and there they were: vintage, Victorian and Sherlock Holmes. The fictional Sherlock Holmes lived during the Victorian period at 221b Baker Street, London. Bingo. Baker Street! Two words to sum up what I love: Victorian. Holmes and Baking! My family and best friends instantaneously approved of it.

So, there you have it. Baker Street! 😀

Basil of Baker Street


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